Texas Hill Country Military Wedding Giveaway Finalists: Nicol & Taylor

We are excited to introduce you to our second finalists in the Texas Hill Country Wedding Military Giveaway, Nicol & Taylor! Read their story below, share with your friends and family and don't forget to vote HERE!  


"Our story began in 2015 with a (you guessed it) swipe right! I don’t think either of us expected it to get this far when we started, as we both knew that Taylor would be leaving soon. We met when he was stationed in Kingsville, TX. I, Nicol, lived right outside of Kingsville in Corpus Christi. After our first date to a sushi lounge, we were pretty much inseparable. Our road has been bumpy to say the least. Taylor took a deployment to the Middle East and Africa in July of 2017 which was difficult for the both of us. Returning from his deployment in early 2018 we were both quickly reminded of how much we wanted to spend our lives together. After a trip to Oklahoma to visit his family, and then a trip to California where Taylor was stationed at the time, he decided to pop the question. My answer was yes before he even asked. You see, Taylor is unlike anyone I’ve ever met. This man purposely keeps money in his glove compartment to give to the homeless. He is selfless, humble, and compassionate for those less fortunate than he. Which is why he chose to serve our country, and many reasons why he’ll make the most amazing husband. A little backstory on myself, from about the age of 15 I’ve been caring for my niece as if she were my own. Then again 4 years ago, my second niece was born and I’ve cared for her as well. About a year ago I purchased my first home all on my own, which for some may be a milestone of freedom, but I moved my nieces and my mother who suffers severely from several forms of arthritis into my home with me. Taylor, without hesitation, welcomed my family with open arms. Before marriage was even proposed he brought up the difficult conversations. What would we do with my mom if I were to move across country with him? My nieces? The youngest of my nieces looked to Taylor as a father figure. Again, showing how amazing he is, Taylor welcomed the idea of adopting my youngest niece. Something I would have never asked of him, but something that also made me love him that much more. We are now planning our lives together, and about to experience Taylor’s second (back to back) deployment on top of planning a wedding. We have both sacrificed so much in our lives to care for others, we want to make sure our wedding is something we can cherish for our own. We know we can make our dream wedding possible with your help, and are honored you are offering this opportunity to a military family."