Texas Hill Country Military Wedding Giveaway Finalists: Nebyou & Hebron

We are so excited to be sharing our third finalist's, Hebron and Nebyou's, amazing story for our Texas Hill Country Wedding Giveaway! Read their story below, share with your friends and family and don't forget to vote HERE!  


"Hebron and I both immigrated separately to the United States from Ethiopia when we were children. We soon found ourselves living in the same small community in Kansas. Because our parents were friends, we often went to the same events and ran in similar circles. It would be an understatement to say that I had a crush on Hebron by the time we became teenagers. Finally, on a warm October day, she gave me the rejection that I needed. On that day, I realized that I was far from the person I wanted to be. I deleted my social media accounts, applied to West Point, and moved halfway across the country to West Point, NY. Looking back, it seems that without knowing it, Hebron showed me how to become my best self.

Three years later, as I was finishing up the last weeks of my junior year, I decided to turn on my social media accounts to see what my friends had been up to for the last few years. I was surprised to see a message from Hebron. She wanted to know how I was doing since we had been friends since childhood. That summer, we began messaging daily. I was preparing to start my senior year at West Point and she was applying to medical schools. Despite our complicated schedules, we made time to see each other. We became best friends and support systems. I now serve as an Army Infantry officer and she is in her third year of Medical School.

Your sponsored wedding should go to a deserving couple in financial need and should be a celebration of what it means to be American. It’s sufficient to say that Hebron and I began life at a disadvantage. I was born in the jungles of Wush Wush, Ethiopia during an era surrounded by famine, drought, and political unrest. Hebron’s family sought freedom and safety in the US as they immigrated here under political asylum. We then faced the hardships that all immigrants face as we adjusted to a country that was vastly different from our origins. However, despite the odds, Hebron and I took all the opportunities afforded to us by this great country and have dedicated our lives to service and scholarship so that we may give back.

I want to be able to give Hebron the wedding she deserves, not only because she is my bride-to-be, but because she is one of the most empathetic, considerate individuals that I have had the privilege of knowing. She dedicates her life to others, as a future physician and by spending her free time volunteering with children, refugees, and prison populations. When we began talking again a few years ago, I told her that I never wanted to get married, much less have an extravagant wedding. But I have realized that those lucky enough will find that one special person, and you’ll want to give them the world."