Rain, Rain, Rain: Having a Plan B For Your Texas Hill Country Wedding

Rain on your wedding day, a subject that can cause an enormous amount of stress during the planning process but it shouldn’t. Although it can be a touchy topic, it is something that is important to talk about and having a back up plan will take a weight off your shoulders the week of the wedding - we promise!!

If you’re newly engaged and looking for your dream Austin wedding venue, it is important to talk with each venue you tour to know what happens in the event of inclement weather? If a tent will be needed, be sure to ask how much you need to budget for and what size? Can the reception and ceremony take place in the same location? Does a flip of the space need to happen? Ask how long that flip will take and who will make it happen? These are all factors that will come into play as you begin planning for your rain back up plan.

Thankfully at The Ivory Oak, in the Texas Hill Country, we have you covered (rain pun intended)! We have multiple on-site buildings for your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception to take place, making your rain back up plan easy and beautiful!

Below are a few images, taken by Melanie Wright Photography, showing the interiors of some of our spaces!