Inviting Perfection: Your Texas Hill Country Wedding Invitations


The Ivory Oak’s Wedding Invite Etiquette for Texas Hill Country Brides

Wedding Experts at Austin’s Ivory Oak Share Invitation Advice

When planning the perfect Texas Hill Country Wedding, invitations may be one of the earliest considerations following date and choice of venue. If you’ve selected The Ivory Oak, Austin’s premier wedding venue located in beautiful Texas Hill Country, you’ll want to sing this amazing news from the mountaintops! You can’t wait to announce this your family and friends! To help you do so in the most elegant fashion, our wedding planning experts at The Ivory Oak have compiled the following tips to ensure you adhere to proper etiquette when inviting guests to your amazing Texas Hill Country wedding:

Include All Important Details

Sure you’ll want your invitation to reflect your style and personality, but let’s not forget that the main purpose of this piece is to provide all the important details guests need to know about your Texas Hill Country wedding. Key details to include on your invitation are: statement of invitation, location and time, who is hosting, and you and your fiancée’s names.

The Envelope, Please!

With email, text, online messaging, etc., it’s not very often we send traditional mail these days. Which is why it’s even more important to brush up on your envelope etiquette before sending out your Texas Hill Country wedding invites! For wedding invitations, it’s highly recommended to use correct titles and full names for guests, very clearly addressing the invitees to the wedding residing at the address to which the invitation is being mailed. Use full names and titles for married couples, couples living together, families with children, etc. Try to avoid abbreviations and spell out when possible on your envelopes.

Timing Is Everything

If you’re unsure about when to send out your wedding invitations, consider the fact that you need to allow your guests enough time to plan to attend your special event. While the standard timeline is 6 to 8 weeks prior to your wedding date, if travel is a factor you may want to extend that even further. Include an RSVP deadline that provides ample time for your guests to respond, and for you to accommodate their needs. For those flying into Texas for your Hill Country wedding, you’ll want to help them secure accommodations close to the venue. The Ivory Oak team is happy to assist our brides with recommendations for their wedding guests in beautiful Texas Hill Country. Contact us directly for assistance!

Follow this etiquette guide from Texas Hill Country’s premier luxury wedding venue, The Ivory Oak, to streamline the invitation portion of your wedding planning process!

Amy Yarbrough