Hosting The Perfect Wedding Reception in Texas Hill Country

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Austin’s The Ivory Oak Wedding Venue Shares Tips for Seating Plans at Your Wedding

How to Organize the Tables at Your Texas Hill Country Wedding Reception at The Ivory Oak

Working with The Ivory Oak’s venue coordinators and a great planner can help remove the stress from creating a seating chart. If you are worried about wedding reception seating, we have some tips to share that will help you plan the perfect Texas Hill Country wedding for all of your guests to enjoy:

  1. Weddings are no place for family drama! To keep your Austin wedding day harmonious and drama-free, be sure to place any feuding family members at separate tables. Take extra care when seating divorced couples. And, when in doubt, call in that favor with your favorite aunt or uncle who you know can entertain anyone they might be seated beside!

  2. Group people by affiliation. Have a bunch of co-workers attending your wedding? Are your old college roommates making the trip to Austin for the big day? It’s wise to sit these folks together so they can enjoy your wedding together! If you have certain groups that are too large for one table, just keep them close at nearby tables.

  3. Mix it up! As comforting as it is to have a friend or two at a table when you’re a wedding guest, it’s also a great opportunity to meet new people. As the hostess and host, you will know what groups will mix well together, so don’t be afraid to sit them together. To break the ice, try placing a little activity at each table, such as a short trivia quiz about you as a couple, or a journal for guests to write you little notes and advice. They’ll be talking and laughing in no time.

Let the venue coordinators at Austin’s The Ivory Oak help you plan the perfect wedding reception in beautiful Texas Hill Country! Contact us to discuss your Texas Hill Country dream wedding!

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